NOT GUILTY is a fiction short film which takes a look at the double standards surrounding sexual exploitation on the internet, Marie takes you with her as she gladly skips over legal boundaries in order to give a voice to wronged women wielding the weapon of revenge porn. Is it moral? Not really. Does she care? Fuck no. As they say 'Hell hath no fury like a woman filmed and raped online.

NOT GUILTY was officially selected and nominated for the 2017 Entrepreneurship award at the Smart Screen Creative Awards (Anna Mimi's previous short film won this award in 2016). The film was judged and selected by Vice President – Marketing Partnerships at Warner Bros. Entertainment, Danni Murray. NOT GUILTY was also officially selected and screened at the 2018 Berlin Feminist Film week.



A branded documentary for The Packing Man in association with the United Nations Development Programme . 

filmed in various rural communities  in Nepal and in Florence, Italy.


The documentary showcases how ‘The Packing Man’ are supporting and encouraging local weavers, in low income communities, to carry on their traditional craftsmanship with the help of the United Nations. The Packing Man cut out the middlemen and travel directly to the source of the fabrics to meet the makers behind the textiles. They then buy these woven fabrics and incorporate them in their Western fashion brand.



My Girls is a short Documentary focusing on substance abuse and mental health.


Mimi's graduation film 'Hot Seat' won the entrepreneurship award at the Smart Screen Awards judged by COO of the BBC Anna Mallett as well as being selected at 2017 NFFTY film festival in Seattle. It was also published by online magazine Persephone's Daughter, a website dedicated to women who have been degraded or abused at some point in their lives.


The film focuses on two adolescent friends who seem in over their heads when attending an inappropriate photo shoot at an acquaintance’s house. However, the tables soon turn, and their true reason for visiting is unveiled.

© 2017-18 by Anna Mimi Jayson

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